• Integral part of almost every engineering discipline
  • Different forms such as control devices, storage devices, communication devices and computing devices
  • Need protection against undesirable environment
  • Malfunctioning can cause severe damage to the electronic components that is sometimes beyond repair
  • Improved communication for integrated systems
  • Heat transfer analysis for motherboard chips
  • Dust simulation
  • Acoustic management for noise reduction
  • Wireless communication system design
  • Electro-mechanical interface optimization
  • KAIZENAT offers complete 'Multi-Physics' simulations that allow companies to calculate critical design parameters like thermal and vibrational analysis as well as acoustics. This results in achieving reliable and optimized system designs with considerable cost and time savings.

  • Antennas
  • Automotive Radar
  • Installed antenna performance
  • Radio frequency interference
  • RF and microwave
  • Signal integrity
  • Power integrity
  • Low-frequency electromagnetics
  • Electronics cooling
  • Electric motors
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Power electronics
  • Radar cross-section
  • RF defense

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