Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

  • Physical prototype testing is not always possible
  • Typically used in construction, oil & gas, mining, ship-building, nuclear plants, space vehicle launch pads and similar kind of projects
  • High demand of customization needs premeditated component level design approach
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Delivering unmatched quality and performance at reduced energy consumption are big challenges
  • Structural integrity analysis of complex mechanical systems
  • Robustness analysis
  • Shape optimization and material optimization
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic actuator mechanism performance evaluation
  • Individual component and sub-assembly analysis
  • Process planning optimization of large size equipments
  • Holistic CAE simulation technology package offered by KAIZENAT can put OEM’s ahead in this competition with effective project planning thereby curtailing operational costs.

  • Soft soil modelling
  • Fatigue and durability analysis
  • Earthmoving equipments
  • Power transmission
  • Vibration analysis
  • Noise reduction

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