Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment manufactures are transforming their products with major shift in their holistic design approach streamlined with the end users requirement. Global market pressures and competition make them to go for a more low cost and durable and environment friendly products. Carbon emission restrictions force many heavy machinery manufactures to re-think their strategy,

KAIZENAT's solution  is used for many types of simulations:

  • Tracked & wheeled vehicle modeling & analysis
  • Soft soil interaction
  • Balancing reach and agility requirements with stability & safety
  • Noise & vibration analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Control system performance
  • Obstacle traversing
  • Durability “hot spot” predictions
  • Design optimization for shape, weight & cost
  • Materials management
  • Nonlinear analysis of structural components
  • Contact interaction
  • Dynamic transient analysis

Engineers use KAIZENAT Solution for:

  • Hydraulic & pneumatic cylinder modeling & analysis
  • Assembly manufacturing process
  • Cables and chains modeling
  • Wind loads on cranes
  • Platform stability and safety
  • Cutter systems performance and failure
  • Gaskets, engines, mounts modeling
  • Seal modeling & analysis
  • Connectors and joints
  • Conveyor belts and pulleys
  • Machinery noise control and noise attenuation
  • Boom, guy lines performance
  • Drilling system performance and failure
  • Shovels
  • Tires, hose and pipe design
  • Buzz, Squeal & Rattle