Kaizen-DYNA App

  • "Kaizen-DYNA" is a mobile and web based application which is built by Kaizenat Technologies Private Limited (KTPL) to help LS-DYNA users across the world.
  • This powerful application helps LS-DYNA users across the world to stay connected and also help each other by sharing their knowledge.
  • The key feature of this application is QUERY and RESPONSE. Where a user can post and respond to queries. The best response for each query will be rewarded with a Kaizen score.
  • This application also gives an opportunity for the employers to float their LS-DYNA job openings and alert its user's base with a notification.
  • "Kaizen-DYNA" quiz program can help LS-DYNA users to update their knowledge score and trend top in the job seekers list.
  • It also gives an opportunity for new users to learn LS-DYNA with training materials FAQ modules.
  • This application also brings latest news about LS-DYNA and some useful general information.