Topology Optimization

LS-TaSC is a Topology and Shape Computation tool. Developed for engineering analysts who need to optimize structures, LS-TaSC works with both the implicit and explicit solvers of LS-DYNA. LS-TaSC handles topology optimization of large non-linear problems, involving dynamic loads and contact conditions.

General Capabilities
  • Solid design using first-order hexahedrons and tetrahedral elements
  • Shell design using first-order quadrilateral and triangular elements
  • Global constraints
  • Multiple load cases
  • Tight integration with LS-DYNA
  • Large models with millions of elements
Geometry Definitions
  • Multiple parts
  • Extrusions
  • Casting, one sided
  • Casting, two sided
  • Symmetry
Post Processing
  • Design histories
  • LS-PrePost – plots of the geometry evolution and the final design