Ansys cloud – native solutions provide unparalleled capability to speed up completion times for even the largest finFET integrated circuits (IC) and 3D/.5D multi-die systems. These powerful multi-physics analysis and verification tools reduce power consumption, improve preformation, improve and reliability, and lower project risk with foundry-certified golden signoff verification.

Semiconductors Features

Power integrity (EM/IR) analysis and modeling with RedHawk-SC for digital, and Totem-SC for analog designs

Electrothermal analysis of 2.5D/3D multi-die systems

Variability-aware path timing with Path FX

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and reliability analysis with PathFinder-SC

RTL power analysis and reduction with PowerArtist

On-silicon electromagnetic analysis and modeling with RaptorH, Pharos, Exalto, and VeloceRF

Cloud-native elastic compute architecture for full-chip capacity

  • Ansys RedHAwk-SC
  • Golden IR-drop signoff verification for digital designs

    Electromigration reliability signoff

    Timing impact of dynamic voltage drop aggressors

    High-capabilities cloud-native infrastructure

    Advanced power analytics and build quality metric

    Foundry certified for all finFET to 3mm

  • Ansys RedHawk-SC Electrothermal
  • Redhawk-SC option for 3D/.5D chip-package co-analysis

    Power integrity analysis for coupled chip-package system

    Thermal simulation

    Identifies thermal-mechanical stress

    Comprehensive early prototyping features

    Integrated with board/system analysis tools

  • Ansys Totem
  • Power integrity and noise verification at transistor level

    Capacity for several million xtor flat

    Simultaneous simulation of digital and analog blocks

    Abundant what-if scenarios

    Incremental analysis

    Creates IP power models for the use with RefHawk-SC

  • Ansys PathFinder-SC
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) integrity simulation

    Current density checks

    Layout level and netlist level analysis

    Integrated extraction and simulation engine

    Foundry-certified silicon correlation

    Capacity to analyze full SoCs

  • Ansys Path FX
  • Analyzes DvD-aware timing variability

    Critical path timing variability and clock tree analysis

    Single standard cell timing model for any voltages

    SPICE accurate results without voltage interpolation

    High capacity, fast and SPICE accurate

    Complements STA

    Semiconductors Products
  • Ansys PowerArtist
  • RTL design-for-power platform

    Analysis-driven power reduction

    Physically aware RTL power budgeting

    Long vector profiling

    Direct links to hardware emulators

  • Ansys RaptorH
  • Electromagnetic on-silicon modelling

    Includes gold standard HFSS engine

    High capcailty and linear multi-CPU scalability

    S-param and RCLk parasitic extraction

    Models power grids, clock trees, spirals, MiM/MoM caps, etc

    Foundry certified and silicon correlated

  • Ansys Pharos
  • Identifies nets susceptible to electromagnetic (EM) crosstalk

    Includes substrate coupling

    Ranks EM aggressors per victim net

    SoC and large block capability

    What-if capability with point-and-click GUI

  • Ansys Exalto
  • RLCk signoff extraction tools (post-LVS)

    Models electrical, magnetic and substrate coupling

    Highly reduce lumped-element models

    Complements digital RC extractors

    Extract entire SoC power grid in minutes

    What-if-capability with point-and-click GUI

  • Ansys VeloceRF
  • Synthesis and modelling of indicators, transformaers and transmission lines

    Creates DRC/DFM clean devices

    Silicon verified upto 110 GHz

    S-param and compressed RCLk models

    Generates parameterized PCell/Pycells

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