Ansys offers structural analysis software solutions that enable engineers of all levels and backgrounds to solve complex structural engineering problems faster and more efficiently. With our suite of tools, engineers can perform finite element analyses (FEA), customize and automate solutions for structural mechanics challenges and analyze multiple design scenarios. By using our software early in the design cycle, businesses can save costs, reduce the number of design cycles and bring products to market faster.

With our comprehensive suite of structural analysis tools, engineers can simulate shock, drop and vibration, impact and penetration, smashes and crashes, occupant safety, heat transfer, solder fatigue, repetitive loading and much more. With a range of applications and product integrations, Ansys Structural Analysis helps you solve your toughest product challenges.

Structures Products
  • Ansys Mechanical
  • [Solve broad structural analysis needs with a suite of finite element analysis (FEA) solutions that provides in-depth analysis of structural and coupled-field behaviors]

    Easy to use, Multi – purpose Tool

    Persistent, dependable solver technology

    Dynamic, integrated platform

  • Ansys LS Dyna
  • [Engage with a powerful, explicit simulation tool with integration into Ansys Mechanical. A large array of capabilities and material models enable complex models with great scalability]

    Tack simulations that are highly nonlinear

    Simulate extreme deformation problems

    Solve Multiphysics problems with incompressible CFD (ICFD), Electromagnetics (EM) and CESE/Compressible CFD and chemistry solvers

  • Ansys Motion
  • [This multibody dynamic solver for analysis of rigid and flexible bodies is capable of accurate evaluation of physical events through the analysis of the while system]

    Implicit integration method for stable and accurate solutions

    Fast and accurate analysis within a single solver system

    Solver technology delivers unparalleled speed

  • Ansys Additive Solutions
  • [Ansys offers a comprehensive and scalable end to end software solution which minimizes the risk of your Additive manufacturing processes and ensures high quality, certifiable parts]

    Your metal AM parts – first right

    Build preparation, process simulation, material analysis and more

    Stand-alone tools, Workbench, Discovery and Granta Additive Integration

  • Ansys Sherlock
  • [Provides fast and accurate life prediction for electronic hardware at the component, board and system level in the early design stages]

    Translates ECAD to FEA/CFD in minutes

    Turns stress (Thermal Mechanical) into Life Prediction

    Embedded, Populated. Modifiable libraries

  • [By coupling Multiphysics simulation with acoustics testing results, predict and fine-tune products acoustics at an early stage while making improvements along the way]

    Sound analysis and acoustics calculations

    Sound quality with psychoacoustics criteria

    Active sound design for EV and ICE engines

    Listen to acoustic CAE simulations

    Sound perception through jury testing

    3D sound simulator

  • Autodyn
  • [Simulate the response of the materials to short duration severe loading from impact and the high pressure of explosions]

    Advanced Solution Methods without compromising ease of use

    Select from different solver technologies for the most effective results

  • nCode DesignLife
  • [Using the results of the finite element analysis, nCode DesignLife accumulate damage from repetitive loading to determine a product’s predicted life]

    Fully integrated inside the Ansys Workbench environment

    Complete materials library to aid in building models quickly

    Optimization capabilities to predict product’s expected usage – long before the first prototype is built

  • Granta Materials Data for Simulation
  • Easy access to material data, embedded into Ansys Mechanical

    Ready – to – Use Data – No Reformatting required

    Data you can rely on – Provided by Granta, the Leader in materials information


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