Elevate Your Software Asset Management (SAM) Experience

Unlock the potential of On-Premises Software Asset Management (SAM) with LUPA. Seamlessly managing and optimizing your company's software resources across their lifecycle, LUPA is your gateway to enhanced productivity. From acquisition to disposal, we empower you to maximize software value while minimizing risks and costs.

Key Features

Inventory Mastery:
Craft and maintain a comprehensive inventory of software assets. Capture vital details such as license information, versions, installations, and usage.

License Compliance Assurance:
Safeguard your organization with robust license compliance. Mitigate legal and financial risks tied to non-compliance.

Cost Efficiency:
Navigate cost complexities with precision. Identify and reallocate unused licenses, optimizing your budget.

Lifecycle Harmony:
Monitor software throughout its entire lifecycle. From procurement and deployment to updates and graceful retirements.

Risk Sentinel:
Proactively identify and mitigate risks tied to software usage.

Address security vulnerabilities and steer clear of unsupported versions.

LUPA Implementation Unleashes:


Cost Savings Magic:

Optimize software usage, wave goodbye to compliance penalties.


Risk Reduction Mastery:

Lower security and legal risks linked to unmanaged or unauthorized software.


Efficiency Overdrive:

Streamlined processes ensure the right software for the right users, precisely when needed.

Elevate your software management experience with LUPA.

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