The Total Human Model for Safety, or THUMS™, is a joint development of Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Central R&D Labs. Unlike dummy models, which are simplified representation of humans, THUMS represents actual humans in detail, including the outer shape, but also bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and internal organs. Therefore, THUMS can be used in automotive crash simulations to identify safety problems and find their solutions.

THUMS is limited to civilian use and may under no circumstances be used in military applications.

Model Details

The latest Version of the THUMS model is Version 4. THUMS sizes, Three different sizes of the model are available:

  • Adult female 5th percentile
  • Adult male 50th percentile
  • Adult male 95th percentile
  • Each of the different sized models is available as sitting model to represent vehicle occupants and as standing model to represent pedestrians.

The internal organs were modeled based on high resolution CT-scans.

LSTC is the US distributor for THUMS. Commercial and academic licenses are available. For more information please contact us at