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Advanced Metal Forming Analysis

Duration: 2 days
Fee: Rs 13,000/person (Tax & 5% convenience fee extra)
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  • Introduction to Advanced Metal forming techniques
  • Sheet Metal forming Basics
    • Feasibility Analysis
    • Die-face design
    • Incremental Analysis( Virtual tryout)
    • Optimization
    • Product design -DFM
    • Process Design(Formable, Blank-Form or Draw-Trim, #of stages etc)
    • Blank materials
    • Blank shape and size
    • Press tonnage required
    • Thinning prediction
    • Optimum blank holding pressure
    • Die face design
    • Lubricant selection
    • Location and characteristics of draw beads.
    • Die Structure optimization
    • Optimization-Tool Radius, Wall Angle, Draw depth etc.,
    • Spring back Compensation
    • Trim line optimization etc.,
  • Introduction to Hot Stamping
  • How to Model a Hot stamping problem in LS DYNA?
  • Introduction to Roller Hemming
    • How to Model a Roller Hemming problem in LS DYNA?
  • Introduction to Single Point Sheet Forming (SPSF)
    • How to Model a SPSF problem in LS DYNA?
  • Introduction to Electro Magnetic Forming
    • How to model a Electro Magnetic Forming in LS DYNA?
  • Introduction to Bulk Forming Method
    • How to Model Bulk Forming (Hot / Cold) in LS DYNA

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