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Contact Modelling Advanced Training

Duration: 2 days
Fee: Rs 13,000/person (Tax & 4% convenience fee extra)
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  • Importance of Contact Modelling
  • Classifications of Contact methods
  • How a Contact works?
  • Method for Calculation of Contact Forces/ Penalty Stiffness
  • General Overview of Penalty Contact Types
    • Non-AUTOMATIC versus AUTOMATIC Contacts
    • ONE-WAY Contacts
    • SINGLE_SURFACE Contacts
  • General Contact Options
    • Contact Thickness
    • Contact Damping
    • Contact Friction
    • Contact Related Output Files
    • Contact Energy
    • Contact with Soft Materials
      • Soft Constraint Contact (SOFT=1)
      • Segment Based Contact (SOFT=2)
  • Special Feature Contacts
    • Eroding Contact
    • Contact in Sheet Metal Forming
    • Airbag Contact
    • Interior Contact
    • Interference Contact
  • 2D Contact
  • Tied Contact
  • MPP Contact
  • Rigid Walls
  • Difficult Contact Situations
  • How to view Contact Stability
  • Tips & tricks to tackle Instabilities due to contacts

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