LSTC Models

Free or low cost FE models are important to LS-DYNA users in various fields. Therefore, LSTC is developing models with the help and support of our customers. Some of the models are joint developments with our partners.

LSTC’s Models are available free of charge to licensees of LS-DYNA who are current with their annual license fees (Annual License) or maintenance fees (Paid-up License). Models are fully unencrypted and accessible. LSTC endeavors to make the models as complete, accurate, reliable, and easy to use as possible.

This section of our site was created to keep users informed about our models. It will be updated periodically to reflect changes to existing models and announce newly released models.

Feedback about the models is welcome and will be used to improve future releases. To submit questions, suggestions, or feedback about LSTC’s models, please send an e-mail to:

For news and updates about our dummy models, please join our models news mailing list.