ODYSSEE accelerates product design and development via real-time parametric simulations with optimization, machine learning and AI tools


Access CAE design space exploration to broaden your horizons


ODYSSEE is a powerful portfolio of modules (Lunar, Quasar and Nova) from our partner CADLM. It is a unique and powerful CAE-centric innovation platform that allows users to apply modern Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Reduced Order Modelling (ROM) and Design Optimization to workflows.

ODYSSEE includes:

  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Statistics, Data Mining, Data Fusion
  • Optimization and Robustness
  • Process Discovery
  • Image Recognition and Compression
  • Key aspects of Lunar:

    • Adapted DOE tool
    • Improve an existing DOE tool
    • DOE can include simulation models, tests or the two
    • Zero-computing effort for parametric studies and optimization
    • Corridor / Population generation
    • Works with Structural, Thermal, CFD, Acoustics (LS-DYNA, Ansys, Nastran, Abaqus,..)
    • Automatic post-preprocessing
    • Allows for a few, wisely selected sampling points
    • Adaptive learning that allows you to improve as you learn
    • Full time history output (not only scalars)
    • Physical domain decomposition and not fitting (it is NOT a Response Surface Method!)
    • No interpolations but reconstructions
    • Stress/displacement iso value reconstruction
    • Quality of parameters
    • Quality of DOE
    • Best method for your application...


    Simulation in Real Time

    • With Lunar, you can manage the main steps of your project in real time with parametric design and optimization based on very few simulations
      • Concept Design: Parametric Studies, Trial and error
      • Detailed Modeling: Optimization, Model Fitting
      • Validation: Reliability Studies, Robustness

    The benefits of ODYSSEE will interest your entire organization:

    • Engineering project managers
    • CAE engineering departments
    • VP of Engineering
    • Purchasing and procurement