Redefining Material Characterization for Rubbers

Step into the future of rubber material characterization with matFIT, your comprehensive solution for precision and insight. Tailored specifically for rubbers, matFIT is engineered to enhance the way professionals approach material science, providing a robust platform for in-depth analysis.

One stop solution for creating simulation ready material models

At the heart of matFIT's capabilities are cutting-edge material models, including MAT_MOONEY_RIVLIN, *MAT_OGDEN_RUBBER, and more. These models offer a deep understanding of rubber behaviour, allowing users to predict and analyze responses under varying conditions. Whether you're in the rubber manufacturing industry or engaged in research, matFIT equips you with the tools needed to achieve material excellence.

Discover the versatility of matFIT as it supports a range of material models, enabling a comprehensive examination of rubber properties. From Mooney-Rivlin, Ogden, and many more rubber models. matFIT ensures that you have the right tools to gain valuable insights into material behaviour, aiding in the optimization of rubber-based products and processes.

Generate LS DYNA material models for foams directly from test data

Elevate your rubber material characterization endeavors with matFIT where precision meets innovation. Uncover the potential of rubber materials, make informed decisions, and redefine the possibilities in rubber material science and engineering.

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